Cedar Knolls

Cedar Knolls offiers natural cedar woodgrain pattern thqat mirrors the look of hand cut wood cladding.  Rich, beautiful colors to complement a homes natural surroundings.  For a finish that stands out, and will stand up to the elements, choose Cedar Knolls Deluxe Vinyl Siding.

Cedar Knolls is available in three styles:

  • D4 Clapboard
  • D5 Clapboard
  • D5 Dutchlap


  1. .044″ panel thickness
  2.  Natural cedar woodgrain pattern
  3.  5/8″ Panel projection
  4.  XLok Technology compines TitanBar Reinforced Nail Hem and the Norandex proprietary NailRight siding Installation System, two innovations that help ensure the siding is securely interlocked and properly affixed to the wall
  5.  Wind load, test pressure 70.9 psf, 222 mph
  6.  Matching and contrasting soffit and accessories
  7.  Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty with ColorHold




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