• Add beauty and character to any home
  • Protect doors and windows
  • Reduce cooling costs
  • Prevent fading of draperies and furniture
  • Shield from harsh weather and sunlight

Styleline awnings and canopies are constructed of the finest materials.

1.  Proprietary side venting configuration allows maximum air flow.
2. Panels are bonded together with aircraft rivets, not sheet metal screws, eliminating rattles and vibration noise.
3. Louvered panels let in diffused light so rooms are bright, yet drapes and carpets don’t fade.


Styleline awnings and canopies may be the finishing touch your home needs.  Not only will Styleline products add color and character, they will also protect and shield your home from harmful weather.  While reducing cooling costs, these products prevent the fading of draperies, furniture and carpets.  Styleline awnings and canopies are an investment in your home that will pay dividends year after year.  Many installations are still yielding results after 30 years of service.

Door canopies protect and prolong the life of doors and allow visitors and home-owners to get out of the elements while waiting for the door to open.  By protecting from harmful weather, a door canopy can extend the life of a door by several years in addition to adding a finishing touch to any entry.

Window awnings block out harmful ultraviolet rays, yet let in soft diffused light so rooms aren’t darkened; just protected from the fading effect that can be caused by direct sunlight.  Window awnings also keep the glass cleaner longer, help reduce cooling costs in warmer months and allow windows to be kept open while it’s raining.

Styleline products have been time tested on homes for over 30 years, and are some of the strongest awnings and canopies available.  Custom made for your home, Styleline canopies and awnings require virtually no maintenance, staying on your home year-round.  At the same time, these products protect your home from the sun and elements, prolong the life of doors and windows while preventing the fading of draperies, carpets, and furniture.  Louvered vents keep the air fresh with enhanced airflow and make a big difference on cooling and air conditioning costs during hot summer days.  Styleline awnings will filter out harmful ultraviolet rays while illuminating your home with gentler diffused light.

Styleline, adding comfort and elegance to your home.


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